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From our unbridled passion for the crystal oceans of Australia comes Oceanpro. An Australian brand, nurtured for over 25 years, by people whose love of the ocean and drive to share its riches with others, inspires everything we do. From a country whose clear water, clean air and pure living, turns its people into life-long water sports enthusiasts. A place where scorched sunburnt earth reaches out for respite in the gin clear waters of its shores. A brand that takes you to places above and beyond those who are bound by land. A brand that aspires to put you in the moment…

Ocean Pro History

the history…

Some 25 years ago business colleagues Russell Kitt and Alby Donovan, both with decades of experience in the SCUBA diving market in Australia, identified the need for a high quality, value for money snorkelling range to cater to the ever increasing number of families and holiday makers making the most of the beaches and oceans across Australia.

Primarily servicing the specialist SCUBA diving retailer at the time with well known American brand Oceanic, the decision to create an entirely new brand for the avid snorkeller was made, and the birth of Australia’s first and longest standing grass roots Diving brand was born… Oceanpro!

Amart All Sports was the dominant figure in this retail space at this time and was the primary supporter of the brand in its infancy. A focus on a few select adult and kids snorkelling set & rubber fins were at the core of the range in the early days. Over time, thousands of hours were put into developing products like wetsuits, masks, snorkels, fins and bags, all based on marketplace feedback from the stores and their customers, and Oceanpro continued to grow, evolve and expand during the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Ocean Pro Past Catalogue
We are OceanPro

To this day, Australian Underwater Products, the same family owned and operated company that started the brand, continues to develop and grow Oceanpro. A move into premium quality snorkelling products, SCUBA diving accessories and high-end specialist dive equipment to compliment the snorkelling range was a natural progression for the brand.

Today, Oceanpro is represented in more than 400 retail stores across Australia and New Zealand with plans well underway to continue this growth further afield in the very near future. Oceanpro remains today, the only Australian diving and snorkelling brand – developed by divers, tested by divers, used by divers and sold by divers.